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Performed on the lands of the Muwinina people of Nipaluna. I pay my respects to elders past and present, and acknowledge them as the custodians of the land.

Nachtlicker (directed by Alex Podger) takes place in a multi-level nightclub in Nipaluna (Hobart), Tasmania, as part of Night Mass, Dark Mofo 2023.

Armed with my go-to performance kit, I was tasked with creating a site-responsive performance work which involves painting 2 walls of an artist studio-turned-bar over 5 nights. Combining rope, shibari, poles, brushes, rollers, and my anus, I painted the 6m of wall without the use of my hands. Visually, I revisited my previous work Howling Jackals, reimagined here as a contemporary fresco through performance.

For each night the first half of the performance focussed on rope, shibari and light torture apparatuses for painting. Beginning with an initial base tie, I progressively become tied in knots as each apparatus is added atop of one another. 

The second half of the night features the Paint Pig, clutching a brush in my anus, through my nose and on a bit-gag in my mouth. As the late night crowd turns up, I crawl, split, handstand and stretch my way around to paint the wall with my mouth, nose and ass. 

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