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Micah Rustichelli is a Meanjin-based, transdisciplinary artist working primarily in painting, drawing and performance. Rustichelli's broader practice investigates the relationship between the self, the body and exterior reality. Across their creative modes they are keenly interested in the contributing phenomena that construct one's personal reality, the physical, the social and the spiritual.

Currently, the artist has been exploring performance ideas in the context of circus and contemporary dance alongside their interest in applying performance in fine arts, expanded sculpture and drawing. Through various physical limitations, apparatuses and challenges the artist is exploring the capability of the body to both contain and express its own idea of self. 

In their painting practice, Rustichelli draws on queer theory and history, popular culture, mythology, religion and taboo. Through this visual practice, the artist explores the powerful role of images in storytelling, truth sharing and reality construction, in a post-reality world. Currently they are creating a 1000 piece millenitych, Demon Rhythm, to quantify the power of seemingly disparate images flowing in the exponential growth of information on social media planforms that are accessed every day.

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