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Micah Rustichelli is a Meanjin-based, multidisciplinary artist working primarily in painting and performance art. Since 2016 Rustichelli has been developing an expanded practice which investigates the role of the self and the body in relation to art making. Through various physical limitations, apparatuses and challenges the artist is exploring how certain states of the body and mind affect flow state and the production of an artwork.

More recently, the artist has been exploring these performance ideas in the context of circus and contemporary dance alongside their interest in applying performance in fine arts, expanded sculpture and drawing. This new expansion of practice plays with the tension between creating both a compelling performance and a genuine artwork outcome.

In their painting practice, Rustichelli collides research into the realms of queer theory, popular culture, psychology and sociology with the visual language of mythology, religion and taboo. Through this research the artist is constructing a unique mythological world for their work to inhabit, which allows them to construct and narratives and provocations that exist parallel to contemporary reality rather than challenging it directly.

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