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How to pre-order a piece of Demon Rhythm

As this is an exhibition-in-progress, the artworks here are available on an early Pre-order basis only, for anyone who wishes to secure pieces early and support the project in progress. Delivery of your pre-ordered artwork will be fulfilled at the completion of the full exhibition, estimated for November 2024 and no later than the end of February 2025. 

A $20 deposit is required to place your pre-order, following this you will receive a buyer's agreement and invoice for your selected work/s from me. I will be aiming to update the availability of works as frequently as possible, however in the unlikely event that you submit a deposit for an artwork/s that is now unavailable, you may choose a different artwork/s for no extra cost, or you will be refunded the deposit in full.  

check availability here:

Preview buyers agreement and price sheet here:



Fill out the form below with your choice of artwork(s) using the number title.

You may choose to pre-order multiple in the single form.



Thanks for your order!

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