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01: Arabesque

Performed on the lands of the Jinibara People.

Art Boy Meat Machine is an evolving performance concept which involves modifying and extending parts of the body for the purpose of mark making and circus performance. Meat Machine is inspired by the commodification of artmaking and the ways that acts of creation are transformed into acts of profitable labour. The durational goal of the work is to develop various apparatus and body modifications which can be combined as an exoskeleton, transforming the human form into a tool for art.

01: Arabesque is the first iteration of this work, performed at The Queer Ball as part of Woodford Folk Festival. The concept for this apparatus was inspired by balance, restraint and dance. By placing a painting stick against the spine, secured at the pelvis and shoulder blades, I ensured an awareness of posture throughout the performance. Alongside this are two painting sticks in the hands which each connect to the opposite ankle via a chain. The physical restraint of this apparatus works in such a way that balance is made into both a predicament and the purpose of this apparatus. When one arm moves forward to paint, the opposing leg must raise, forming an involuntary arabesque. 

Images by Lachy Douglas / @somefx

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