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Performed on the lands of the Yaggera and Turrbal People.

Faithsight is a performance conceptualised alongside the exhibition Howling Jackals, created for Backbone Festival as part of their PILOT artist in resident project. 

Faithsight is a durational performance work in which the artist is challenged to create 2 painted works with a paint brush spear apparatus affixed to their back. Somewhere between circus, contemporary dance and live art, the artist must develop physical movement techniques that allow both seeing and applying paint to canvas. Kaylee Vera describes these motions as "bending down almost in prayer" in their review of the performance for Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane (link to article available below). Collaborating with QLD local DJ Girls in Hats, Rustichelli provided examples of the exhibited works to Girls, who then created a audio mix responding to these works which then informs the artists' performance. Girls in Hats mix is available at:


All images by Jade Ellis Photography @jadeellisphotography

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