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Performed on the lands of the Jagera and Turrbal People.

Art Boy Meat Machine is an evolving performance concept which involves modifying and extending parts of the body for the purpose of mark making and circus performance. Meat Machine is inspired by the commodification of artmaking and the ways that acts of creation are transformed into acts of profitable labour. The durational goal of the work is to develop various apparatus and body modifications which can be combined as an exoskeleton, transforming the human form into a tool for art.

02: Swine was initially performed as part of the Altimate Showdown competition held by Spirit&Jones in Meanjin. The concept for Swine was to create an act that could fit within a 3-5 minute set and respond to the character prompt I gave to myself: Paint Pig. While most all of my work responds to queer ideas and attitdues, Swine in particular embraces sex, queerness and taboo as the pathway for artmaking. 


Portrait of: Beverly Kills. 

Images by Chad St. James

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